What Is God Telling Todd Akin?

And what’s the medium?

I Hear You

So far no reporter has asked Congressman Todd Akin for details about what God has been saying or the medium He has been using. This week the question opportunities were as abundant as life in Eden before Eve bit the apple. Akin assures everyone that God has been giving him advice, but no reporter follows up?

Professional reporters usually seek corroboration or confirmation of statements from candidates for high office. Except for spiritual stuff. Perhaps because Bob Woodward unwittingly established the precedent for giving the faithful a pass when Woodward asked President Bush Junior if he ever asks Bush Senior for advice about invading Iraq: Bush, smiling beatifically, answered “I consult the Higher Father.” Woodward missed the scoop of the decade by not pursuing with, “And what did the Higher Father say?”

Akin exceeds Bush Junior and dozens of other members of the GOP who claim to consult higher powers for guidance. Akin says he is in non-stop, 7/24 contact with God. Yet the press does not press him, as if it would be impolite to ask questions like

With all respect, sir, would you give us details about the last time and topic on which God guided you? Did you take notes?

Was your comment about “legitimate rape” completely your idea and not His? Has He commented on that yet?

How does He usually communicate with you? Do you hear His voice or see a message from Him on your e-mail?

Would you like the GOP to be renamed “God’s Own Party”?

The next time you speak with God, would you ask Him how you could be more pro-consumer? 


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2 Responses to “What Is God Telling Todd Akin?”

  1. E.A. Blair August 25, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    If I claimed to be in a constant conversation with a deity, I’d get locked up, not nominated for office.


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