Bank of America’s New Sensitivity

Bailout Reminder Leads To Fee Cancellation 

My wife says please call Bank of America’s toll-free number to reorder her checks. System starts with “English or Spanish” query. Next I get by a 12-digit code with no hyphens between numerals. But her Social Security number undoes me, even though I get 8 of the 9 numerals right.

An operator comes on. She figures out I am not my wife who must give authority for me to reorder checks. My wife tries but the process is more inquisition than authorization. My wife gives up and asks me to try toll-free again. It might have worked had the system not answered in Spanish.

My next call goes OK until the BofA system says the check pattern my wife had is not available: It says go to the website or let BofA choose the pattern. I press choose. It stalls until the BofA plot is clear: Wear down callers so when the $34 new checks fee announcement comes, it will seem a small price to end the call and get the checks.

Instead I press O until I get a live operator and say I have had it with BofA. First you guys almost sink our whole economy with your tainted assets game. We the people bail you out. Are you grateful? NO! You design a crazy-ass system to reorder checks rigged to torture us into agreeing to another fee. How did you come up with $34? Have a manager call me tomorrow to cancel the fee or lose the account.

She said please hold on. She was back quick. The manager said to cancel the fee and  order the checks.

Consumerist Takeaway: Understandably BofA is sensitive to reminders of how they needed us to rescue them from themselves. It may not last beyond the presidential election, so grab it while you can.

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