Techno-Scammer Is “Hacker of Interest”

Even Paranoid Bloggers Have Enemies

Minutes after my March 25th post went up, my blog site was hacked down. Probable cause points to the group featured in that post, which announced the co-winner of the Outstanding Techno-Scammer Award for 2011. That makes two hackings in six months by two different techno-scammers.

Weeks before the latest hack job, the “hacker of interest” made several visits to my website. Specific attention was on an earlier post about the techno-scammer’s offers to “help” consumers get grants of large sums of money for a large fee.

Who can blame scammers for hacking what I report? They have a good thing going. They know it and take advantage of it. Laws are being broken but government agencies have other priorities, which makes enforcement more emblematic than real. Corporations and organizations are reluctant to get involved when their logos are illegally used to lend credibility—like watching a mugging but not reporting it. Political candidates ignore the growth of techno-scams because consumer causes are not seen as useful issued for winning elections or primaries. The consumer is on his own.

But for a consumerist, this is a battle worth fighting. So let’s see what happens this week.  If you get this post, confirm receipt by hitting the thumb-up “Like” button.  

Next I will resend that blog post that announced the co-winner of the Outstanding Techno-Scammer Award and incited the retaliatory hacking. Again, confirm receipt by hitting the “Like” button.

Thanks for your help. 


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