Outstanding Techno-Scammer Award (Part 1)

Mutual Benefits Ties For First Place

Techno-scammers* seek privacy and avoid publicity. Why would they want attention to the good thing they have going?  They like the scant law enforcement by federal and state consumer abuse regulators. They have perfected the art of offering “near-scams.” They are a growth industry.

So many scams to choose from, but only two qualified for the 2011 Outstanding Techno-Scammer Award. The first winner is Mutual Benefits. It was already ahead with an assist from the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce. When I told the GCCofC that the Mutual Benefits’ website was illegally using the GCCoC logo as an endorsement, GCCofC’s signed up Mutual Benefits as a paid member. But when I tried to announce it two weeks ago, my blog was hacked down. Maybe it was a coincidence that Mutual Benefits was repeatedly visiting the blog site. I’ll return to that subject later this week–unless of course the hackers do it again.

Back to the award: I am uncertain whether GCCofC broadened its criteria for membership or if Mutual Benefits is legitimate enough for GCCoC. It will not disclose how it vetted Mutual Benefits. I’ll give the GCCofC a chance to explain net week. The other winner will be announced in a few days.

Consumerist Takeaway: Mutual Benefits makes robo-calls (many in violation of DNC regulations) about supposed “grant money” for consumers. MB claims its staff in Cheyenne will determine—for a fee of $9,995—qualifications based on a consumer’s answers to 40 questions. The operation appears “virtual.”

See for yourself. Call Mutual Benefits’ toll-free 877-551-5548 to ask about the grants deal and who is working in Cheyenne.  Let me know what you think: Scam? Near-scam? No scam? 


*A techno-scam mixes phone calls (often Internet based), faxes, email, standard mail, and Internet sites to sell products and services more imaginary than real. It uses virtual addresses and spoof phone numbers to avoid unwanted attention. A few techno-scams are “near-scams” that sell worthless reports and certificates that lend a semblance of authenticity if dragged into court.






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