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Comcast Wins Outstanding Customer Disservice Award for 2011

Were Comcast’s contradictory service solutions for my technical problems part of a corporate plot to win my Outstanding Customer Disservice Award? If so, congratulations, Comcast, you did it!  After a Comcast house call to install a new XFINITY modem and new router, problems increased.

Comcast toll-free service techies had other ideas: 1-Unplug the router because it confuses the modem. 2-Turn off Apple Airport because it might help. 3-Find something else to do during rainstorms because, if the outside wiring gets wet, stuff happens to the Comcast Internet feed.

Recently I got an experienced Comcast Techie who is day-by-day fixing the problem. I shall not name him. Revealing his identity would land him in the Comcast Re-Education Camp for wasting time to undo the work of well-intentioned but under-trained colleagues. He is on the case: Drops are down to one or two a day, rain or shine.

Consumerist Takeaway: Successful Comcast Customer Service depends on the luck of the draw. Customer disservice rises when outsourced to overseas call centers and/or techies new to Comcast systems and English as a spoken language. Also, overseas calls dance on the edge of a technical precipice into which they often fall because of a weak signal or a techie who needs a cigarette break.

If you get an outsourced Comcast call center, insist on connection to Comcast in America—preferably in Delaware where chances improve to get an experienced techie like mine. Ask for dollar credits as compensation for lack of services.


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