Fly the Flag Proudly Award

Apple Wins The 2011 Award

One symbol of success is missing from Apple’s corporate headquarters: The Chinese flag shown above. As it should be, the American flag proudly flies at Apple HQ in Cupertino, CA. Time now for a Chinese flag?

Apple is the greatest American business success story of the 21st Century. It employs 43,000 American workers, a shining star in the gloom of tough economic times. But not enough has been said about how Apple has contributed to the economic success of China: In 2011 Apple hired 8,700 Chinese engineers and 20,000 other employees. Apple outsourcing also resulted in 700,000 part-time jobs for Chinese workers.*

Apple’s outsourcing accomplishments are not limited to China. Apple has improved the lives of workers throughout the world. Therefore Apple’s mastery of job outsourcing deserves The Consumerist Manifesto’s Fly The Flag Proudly Award. Hopefully Apple will put up another flagpole to commemorate the honor. Idea: Invite the Chinese Ambassador to hoist the flag. He probably could get Apple a big flag at a low price.

*For more on Apple’s outsourcing, see The New York Times, How the US Lost Out on iPhone Work articles on January 21, 2012 (and correction of January 24).


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