Need Better Service from CVS/Caremark?

Guess who decides whether you get your prescriptions…

Why did my 2 prescription refills not arrive? The CVS/Caremark system’s Auto-Voice promised the RXs would arrive in 7-10 days. 14 days later, CVS Auto-Voice said both were cancelled.  



CVS/Caremark toll-free systems push customers into automated answers and website systems for answers to questions like, What the hell happened to my prescription renewals? Stick with live people in CVS/Caremark Customer Care for untrue but at least imaginative explanations:

Reason 1: Doctor Approval: CVS said because one Rx needed doctor approval, both RXs were canceled. The idea is to make the customer think there is no other alternative but to start over. I chose the consumerist path: Give me a manager, please. 

Reason 2: Blame Another Corporation: The manager said CVS was following the rules of the AT&T Healthcare Plan over which CVS/Caremark has no control. He said call AT&T. Nope. Give me CVS corporate, please.

Reasons 3-5: Cost, AR, Error: I was transferred to Michael of the CVS/Caremark Resolution Dept. He first said the Rx cost was above the AT&T limit of $500. When he looked further, he realized the Rx cost of $258 was below the limit. The light dawned on us both: CVS/Caremark Accounts Receivable decides stuff like this. He promised to “order” CVS/Caremark Prescription Services to immediately fill and overnight both…Nice try: They added a week more. 

Consumerist Takeaway: CVS Accounts Receivable determines whether you get your CVS RXs—and if anything goes wrong, the customer has to figure it out. Suggestion:  Send refill requests directly to CVS/Caremark Accounts Receivable.

Note: I am keeping Michael’s last name confidential because there is no telling what AR would do to him for revealing how screwed up they are. In The Consumerist Manifesto Handbook—here comes my commercial message—Customer Disservice like this gets a humorous chapter with an insider look at how customer service works these days. For more about the book, tap The Book in the Navigation Bar above or order  from 

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