Caraway Seed Implantation Device

Seed Imp© to the rescue!

Responses to my Feb 9 post (about Whole Foods Seeded Jewish Rye Bread sold without the seeds) have inspired the design sketched here. A self-help problem solver, it hinges together two molded pieces of high-impact, transparent, dishwasher safe plastic. I call it the Seed Imp©.  


–Place device on a hard surface and open.

–Insert desired number of caraway seeds, pointed tips up, into seed side. Be inventive: Make patterns like a loved one’s initials or the ¤ sign.

–Place one slice of unseeded rye bread into bread tray.

–Close and press bread into seed bed.

–Count slowly to 5.


–Gently loosen and remove bread slice.

–Insert the next slice of bread and repeat steps 2-7.

Troubleshooting: If seeds resist entering bread, check seed alignment. (For best results, use fresh, un-toasted rye bread.) If problems persist, hold two sides together. Firmly tap device against your knee or  gently hit device with a rubber hammer.

Note: Whole Foods has yet to comment on my letter about the absence of seeds in their seeded rye. No surprise: Whole Foods has not answered previous letters about the presence of seeds in their seedless watermelons.

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