Do-It-Yourself Jewish Seeded Rye Bread

What did Whole Foods do with the caraway seeds?

Letter To: Whole Foods Corporate, 550 Bowie Street, Austin TX 78703

No Seeds, Just Rye

The label affixed to your bread package says ORGANIC JEWISH SEEDED RYE BREAD. It is a rye bread. I’ll take your word about it being Jewish and organic. But where are the seeds? It was seedless. I like caraway seeds in my rye bread. Jewish Seeded Rye without the seeds is like raisin bread without the raisins. Was I supposed to ask for a bag of caraway seeds?

I know we are moving into the Age of Customer Self-Service. If Jewish Seeded Rye now requires consumers to ask for and add caraway seeds, just let us know in advance. 

As I think about it, it could be mutually beneficial: People like me could customize each slice of rye to the right amount of caraway. For Whole Foods, sales of caraway seeds would break records.

Hey! I just had an epiphany: I could design and you could sell a handy device to dispense and insert caraway seeds into each slice of rye bread. It would work like a garlic press. Forget the lack of seeds in my bread! Let’s work together to bring Jewish Seeded Rye Bread to the next stage in consumer self help.

Let me know when you want to discuss next steps. Don’t steal my idea!

P.S. If you think I am making this up, I’ll send a few slices to you if you send me a container with a prepaid label.


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