Stems In My String Beans

Is Del Monte selling stems as beans?

Until yesterday I never had stems in multiple cans of string beans. Given how the agricultural industry now works, I was lucky the stems weren’t stones.  I enclosed the stems with this letter today:


The enclosed string bean stems were not as dry as they are now. I am enclosing them lest you think I am an ordinary cranky consumer who was imagining them.

This is not the first time I have encountered stems in your beans. Last time I let them pass. I imagined your supplier was supposed to separate the stems from the whole beans and a couple got through. OK. But twice in a month?

Is Del Monte using stems to replace beans in the cans? If so, it qualifies in my book as “defect toleration” to convert stems  into a new profit source from stuff you once tossed. A stem or two in the can may seem like no big deal to most consumers. But I wonder if tens of thousands of cans are involved? A stem here, a stem there and big money follows.

So what is going on?  What gives with the stems in my beans?

Stay tuned, readers.  I’ll let you know what Del Monte says and does. 

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