My Anti-Preview Campaign

Do the Studios Make NETFLIX Play the Previews?

I like NETFLIX. I appreciate its friendly staff and service. I look forward its vast selection of movie choices. However, one choice is annoyingly denied to consumers: Let us decide whether or not we want to see the damned “previews.” They really are amped-up ads for movies with no connection with the movie we paid to see.

Why should we have to put up with previews? I asked NETFLIX that question. It said it is helpless because the studios make them do it. Nonsense. The movie industry and NETFLIX are partners in this promotional annoyance.

Why not put PREVIEWS as a menu item like PLAY, TRAILER and LANGUAGE? Or stick them at the end of a movie? Give consumers a choice. Or am I wrong: When you start a NETFLIX disc, do you look forward to the Previews?

Either way, pro or con, let Reed Hastings know what you think of previews. He is NETFLIX’s CEO. NETFLIX erects barriers to control consumer comments, but this will work:

            Use this link to start the email: 

            Subject:  Reed Hastings.

           Tell him what you think about Previews.

 Meanwhile I’ll let NETFLIX know some emails might be coming regarding Previews. Feel free to tell him “Charlie sent you.”






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