Gingrich and Romney Agree

Both Warn of Dangers Posed by Consumerists

In spite of otherwise wide differences, in Iowa Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have temporarily found a slice of common ground. Each went to one of Iowa’s two leading universities to warn students that today’s consumerists could be tomorrow’s troublemakers.

Speaking to a conservative group at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Gingrich said, “Don’t these Occupy Wall Street types know this is the Christmas season? It’s the time of the year when good Americans shop and pray, not march and sit. By the way, my latest book would be a great Christmas present. I’ll be signing copies in the bookstore.” Gingrich also said the Occupy Iowa City group reminded him of the good old days when “That’s what communists used to do.”

                                                                                                                                           Romney made a rare, unscripted comment during a short stop in Ames Iowa. Ames is the home of both Iowa State University and the Republican Straw Poll. He was asked his thoughts about an Occupy Ames group said to be debating what to occupy. He said, “These students ought to be studying my economic plan. It will put Iowans back to work growing corn and other stuff. I would give these occupiers a hoe. And a heave.” Then he added, trying to smile, “See, I do have a sense of humor.” A Romney aide, speaking anonymously because he was not authorized to speak any other way, wearily said, “Holy smokes, that’s what happens when he goes spontaneous.”

Romney and Gingrich have urged voters to see consumerists as a threat to capitalism as we know it—or rather, as they know it. Romney has said corporations are just like people—or at least just like people he hangs out with. Gingrich has been a strong adherent of protection of corporations from consumers. He is working on a plan to require consumerists to register for permits to remain in the USA.




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