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Shoppers! Young American girls are available for Christmas! Would your little girl welcome a new sister? One who will always be a pal, never a sibling rival? The new kid arrives bright-eyed and beautiful, ready for fun. She can be endlessly outfitted before or after arrival, including extra clothes and accessories vast enough for a fashion show that will be the talk of the neighborhood. If the new kid ever wants a puppy, a kitty, a stroller, a bathtub or a set of crutches, all are available from American Girl®.


American girls are shipped from the American heartland. Either direct from American Girl in Middleton, Wisconsin ( or its 11 American stores. Its motto is “Follow your inner star.” It has followed its corporate inner star to China where American girls and their vast array of accessories are made. 

At least American Girl keeps health care matters in the USA: Should medical attention be needed—like hygienic ear piercing—customers can send the new kid to the American Girl Doll Hospital. Check with your health care provider regarding whether insurance coverage applies.

A visit to the American Girl store on Fifth Avenue in NYC was inspiring: A merger of the Christmas spirit with the entrepreneurial spirit expressed by a display of more unfurled American flags than carried by the U. S. Marine Corps marching band. It subtly suggests it is un-American not to buy an American Girl.

Corporate stuff like has earned AG consideration for my annual Fly The Flag Proudly Award…the Chinese flag, that is. 


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