Whole Foods Transforms Fresh Into Fresher

Fresher ArtNot content to stop with just fresh foods, Whole Foods has fresher in a recent promotion it sent me.  Questions about how fresh become fresher:

Are Whole Foods’ “FRESHER” foods harvested earlier than they used to be? It would make sense. The farther away food is grown from where it is eaten, the greener it must be to safely make the journey. The sooner it is picked, the fresher it is.

Was Whole Foods inspired by Dole’s idea of “FRESH”? Wade Farms is a Dole subcontractor that grows Idaho potatoes. The potatoes are harvested in October, stored in special vaults until shipped to food chains for sales in March with “fresh” prominently printed on the five-pound bags. If Whole Foods rushed them to market in February, would they qualify as “fresher”?

Will seed engineering be used on more foods to help them look fresher longer? It is now done with Cranshaw melons.* Lettuce, kumquats and bananas have been looking a bit tired lately….are they next??

Is fresher tastier? No. But that is OK. Fresher fruits and vegetables look better—and that’s what matters.

Will “fresher” ever apply to meat and poultry? Come to think of it, what do “fresh” and “fresh caught” mean on the labels for meat, poultry and fish?

*See Post of September 27.


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