This Is Customer Service Week!

On Monday alerted me that this is Customer Service Week. It told me by email. Why didn’t mail that message to me? Perhaps is unable to print stamps because it only uses Apple Computers. is an “approved licensed vendor of the United States Postal Service.” It assists the Postal Service by shortening lines of people waiting to buy stamps, a process that is labor intensive at most post offices, especially since stamp vending machines are often out of stamps or out of whack. provides a service to let consumers print their own stamps—provided they don’t use an Apple Computer. Apple has about 10% of the market, but was not made to work with Mac. (I am pursuing why the USPO allowed to exclude Apple. Stay tuned.)

Rather than fully disclosing does not work for Mac, just lists the requirements in the fine print for Apple users to find out for themselves. missed a terrific opportunity this week to make a public service announcement:

Attention Mac users: We at feel your pain. We hope someday to
figure out how you can print our stamps with your computer.

But at least this puts into the running for my Outstanding Defect On Delivery Award, the winner of which will be announced in March, 2011.


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