911 Calls on Black Friday

NRF Overlooked Some Consumer Data

The National Retail Federation reported record-breaking numbers of consumers lining up late Thursday night, often camping out in anticipation of specials at big stores everywhere—and then surging inside the stores the moment the doors opened on Black Friday.  But the NRF left out data about 911 calls like these:

Late Thursday night…

(Omaha) Hello. Look, I am freezing waiting for the Target store to open. Does 911 have a way to send hot chocolate? I’m not the only one shivering, so can you send a lot?

(NYC) I’m at Macy’s on 34th Street. The police are telling me “Move on” because they say I look like a Wall Street occupier. Just because I am in a sleeping bag. I am only waiting for bargains, not economic justice. Can you talk to them for me?

(Dallas) I am pinned against the Buy Right door. I got here first but now I am having trouble breathing. The crowd is squeezing me. 30 minutes until Buy Right opens. I don’t know if I can make it. Send someone! Please.

(Buffalo) A lady in a wheelchair just cut into the line. About 50 yards ahead of me. Is that allowed?

After midnight, Friday morning…

(West Virginia) I just stepped over a guy. He doesn’t look like he’s napping. You can find him in the men’s shoe department. Can’t stop! Gotta go! He’s near the dress shoes.

(Fargo) My GPS says the Sears store is right here. I’m here, it’s not. There is nothing here, just a vacant lot. Where did the Sears store go?

(Buffalo) It’s me again. I called about the lady in the wheelchair? Well guess what, I see her pushing that wheelchair with a large screen TV in it. Now who do I call?




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