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When will 911 answer?

Monday’s announcement of menu changes and a 911 Website have resulted in  lots of questions. The top five so far:

Why can’t I always get immediately connected to a 911 operator? Operators answer calls in the order received. Often there are call surges, like after snowstorms or near locations where Lady Gaga may have been. Many callers get very excited and upset. It takes a while for our trained operators to calm them down, especially if the caller objected to the music selection played before the call was answered.

Won’t using a 911 website to report emergencies slow down response time? Not always. Sounds like you have never made a 911 call or don’t own an iPad.

Will there be an AAP for the 911 Website? Sounds like you don’t own an iPhone either.

Is there ever a charge for making a 911 call? Not yet. But we are looking for ways to raise revenues to serve you better. Under consideration are recorded announcements offering fire and flood insurance before the 911 operator answers.

What about rumors that 911 may soon offer different classes of service? We are looking at offering three classes of service: Gold, Silver and Tin. We want to get 911 customer service on a more modern basis. Gold would have a special phone number and allow up to 12 calls a year, usually answered within 3 minutes in most areas. Cost is under study. Silver would offer a special extension for use up to 4 times per year in most areas at a cost of about $25 per year. Tin would be 911 service as we know it.




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