911 Menu Changes

Do-It-Yourself  Service Comes to 911

Call 911

Hello, this is your nine-one-one emergency service. Please listen carefully as our menu has changed. Your call is important to us and we welcome feedback. After you speak with one of our operators, you can help improve emergency call service by participating in a brief survey about your experience today. To participate, stay on the line after you have spoken with an operator.

Note: If you press any of the numbers before you have heard all the choices, the recording will automatically restart at the beginning. Have a pen and paper at the ready before an operator comes on.

After making your selection, you may hear soothing music or a period of silence. Please stay connected. We answer all calls in the order received. In the unlikely but occasionally regrettable situation in which you get a busy signal, please hang up and dial again. You may also find help at our website at w w w nine one one I need help right away.info. It has Frequently Asked Emergency Questions with answers you can use right away.

Now, listen carefully:

Press one if you or someone nearby needs immediate medical attention. Make sure anyone injured or ill is carrying a medical insurance ID card.

Press two if you smell smoke or gas. You will then be asked which of the two so we can transfer you to a fire specialist operator or give you a list of numbers for utility companies in your area code.

Press three if you have been the victim of a crime within the past ten minutes. If more than ten, please use the Crime Victim Checklist on our website whose address was given earlier.

Press four if you are observing a crime in progress. Unless you are carrying a gun for which you have a permit, we advise not to intervene before speaking with one of our trained operators.

Press zero to hear this recording again. 


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