Scam of the Year Award

Award to Recognize Entrepreneurial Talent of Another Kind

It is a daunting task: So many scamsters, just one award. Not enough credit has been given for the creativity, dedication and artfulness of 21st Century scamsters. To remedy that, I am starting a new award, the 2011 Scam of The Year Award in March 2012. What’s more, I am inviting nominations from intended targets.

If you have not been recently offered a scam by landline or cell phone, mail, fax, the Internet or a kid at the door soliciting donations for a vaguely familiar foundation, you must have just emerged from a cave or the ransom was paid to your kidnappers. (Welcome back!) When a scam arrives, most people hang up or tear up the letter or robo-fax, hit the delete button or close the door. Next time have a look at the scam or talk to the scamster. Whatever else they are, scamsters are entrepreneurs.

 Award criteria: It must be inventive, artistic, evasive and profitable.

–Inventive enough to have reached you.

–Artistic enough for you to remember something about it.

–Evasive enough to avoid law enforcement.

–Profitable enough for the scamsters to still be out there. (They come at you in different formats at different times.)

How to help: Suggest candidates who have tried to scam you. Chances are high that before the year is over, a scamster will have come calling or be in your mail or have reached your computer (if not have already entered it). And not to worry: Any you name will not know you have named them.



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