Presidential Concern for Consumers

Is No Concern Answer the Answer?

No surprise, not one of the 10 presidential candidates has responded to my consumerist question, What, if anything, would you do about telemarketing abuses of consumers? None went for my offer to print—unedited—their responses of up to 300 words. (In fairness, candidate Gary Johnson put me on his e-mailing list.)

Political handlers and packagers preach that an unpolished, untested answer is a dangerous thing. They urge candidates to stick with pre-packaged, sound byte ready answers. Watch out for HAZMAT: Answers to consumer questions risk reminding already angry consumers of the political establishment’s role in protection of corporations from consumers.

Lacking their input, my research suggests these responses when trapped into  answers:

Obama: All consumers are equal; some consumers are more equal than others.

Cain: I ask consumers, What do you expect, a bigger slice of pizza?

Romney: I have never met a consumer I didn’t like.

Perry: In Texas, we let consumers carry guns.

Huntsman: I helped more consumers than Romney or Perry.

Johnson: I did more than Romney, Perry, or Huntsman.

Bachmann: I include consumers in my prayers.

Paul: Consumers need more self-regulation.

Santorum: If a telemarketer calls, don’t answer.

Gingrich: I delivered.




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