Fed Ex Awards Then Suspends Me

Fickle Fed Ex

Fed Ex grows departments faster than it can manage them. The departments build systems but skip the coordination part. I sent one package but billed for shipping 10. My challenge of a the bill of $440 instead of $44 started a 21st Century version of The Three Stooges At FedEx.

Fed Ex collections warned of the bad things that would happen to me if I did not pay for the 10. Meanwhile rewards sent me a congratulatory email to announce how many points it had added to my account. Fed Ex auto pay let me enroll but not pay, explained by a Fed Exxer who admitted the system has had “problems.” None of this outdoes the Fed Ex tracking of two Christmas eves ago when it experienced a technological nervous breakdown: It dispensed unfounded locations for unfindable packages and claimed drivers were working after they went home. So Fed Ex gets touchy when challenged by a consumer who balks at paying for 10 after shipping one.

Fed Ex resolved the matter by suspending my account. (I paid for the one after I found a Fed Exxer who saw the problem and fixed the overcharge.) At the scheduled pickup part of Fed Ex, I am now classified as a deadbeat, allowed parcel shipping on a cash-only basis.

No problem. Mario, my friendly postman, is glad to pick up Express Mail packages. I bear no ill will against Fed Ex, as shown by these suggestions to reduce internal corporate communications confusion:

v    Hire Mario as a VP who understands how parcel pickup works.

v    Hold corporate gatherings where people from collections, rewards, auto pay, tracking, and pickup exchange business cards and perhaps intermarry.





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