Magazine Solutions’ Slick New Hooks

Hook #1: A lead-off hitter calls to ask if my New Yorker is coming without interruption. When I say “yes,” he apologizes for a recent non-subscriber offer for $79.95 sent to me—which I never received. To make it up to me, he offers a two-year renewal at $59.95/year.

Digression: He was fishing to see if I had a New Yorker subscription. If I say “yes,” he goes to the “recent error offer” script. If “no,” a different script.

Hook #2: To sweeten the deal, he promises my phone number would go into Do Not Call status to gain “peace and quiet” from calls like his. All that’s needed is for the Confirmation Department to call me back to confirm acceptance. He said “yes” when I asked if he worked for The New Yorker.

Digression: He can no more put my number into DNC than walk on water. He is likely a paid “outside telemarketer to give MS accountability cover.

Within three minutes clean-up hitter Karen calls, eager for my credit card number. She claims Magazine Solutions does not work for The New Yorker and the guy who said so  “was new.” When pressed, she does not know my expiration date but gives a date off by 17 months. Confirms MS is based in south Florida.

She asks if I am recording the call. She should have asked if I did a blog.

Consumer Warning: I asked The New Yorker about Magazine Solutions. Its Director of Consumer Market Compliance confirms there is no relationship with these folks.


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