Mutual Benefits Joins GCC of C

New Source for Commencement Speakers?

After I told the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce (GCCC) about the unauthorized use of the GCCC logo by the Mutual Benefits website (it implied an endorsement), the GCCC recruited Mutual Benefits as a member. However, the GCCC may need to add a new category—like techno scam. Rather than being bothered by MB’s violations of FTC Do Not Call rules or checking out the legitimacy of what Mutual Benefits is selling, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce should be congratulated:  It may be the only organization that made Mutual Benefits pay for how it conducts its business—whatever that business turns out to be. 

Given Mutual Benefits’ new found legitimacy via membership in GCCC, here’s an idea to increase attendance next spring at high school and college graduations in the greater Cheyenne area: Ask Andrew Weaver, listed as the General Director of Mutual Benefits, to be a commencement speaker. He may have expertise on the kinds of business analysis skills needed to succeed in using telemarketing and the Internet to make big bucks in this dismal economy.

If my idea is pursued, seekers of Mr. Weaver will need to figure out where he hangs out. The Attorney General’s Office in Cheyenne told me the Mutual Benefits Cheyenne “address is for a virtual office.”  No one is there, which may be why the GCCC told me that the membership deal was made by phone, not in person as the office first thought.

If Mr. Weaver agrees to be a commencement speaker, he surely will make headlines.

NOTES: If you are new to my blog or this ongoing story, see my August 18 post, Another Day, Another Scam? Also see the Mutual Benefits website: to figure out Mutual Benefits’ business.

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2 Responses to “Mutual Benefits Joins GCC of C”

  1. steve November 16, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    Help! I believe we have been scammed by this company. We have given them 5,000 dollars for a service not recieved, and I fear we never will. Is their others? what can be done to catch these crooks?

  2. Ellie Esposito September 30, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    Same thing happened to us. Would be nice to know details if there happened to be a class action suit or something.