Discovery Averted or Almost Arrested?

What Happened to International-Destinations’ 888-Number?

This morning International-Destinations 888-680-5749 “booking” number announced it was “disconnected” or had “moved.” Then it went up again. What was going on? If new to my blog, International-Destinations sends robo-faxes—with Continental Airlines logo illegally shown—to tens of thousands of consumers. I-D claims to have airline/land packages at unbelievably low rates for unreal vacations. (OK, nothing is perfect.)  I-D claims affiliation with Continental and Four Seasons whose fraud divisions tell me they are aware of International-Destinations’ illegal use of their names.

Possible reasons the number first went away and then returned:

Time To Move: Scamsters stay in motion. They change addresses, numbers, websites, company names, and places of business. They create “virtual addresses” to derail attempts to pursuit and prosecution. They like to spread their operations across multi–state locales. Hard to catch a moving target.

The Feds Are Coming, The Feds Are Coming: Don’t hold your breath on this one. Reporting these characters for their FTC and FBI Internet crime violations does not result in the good guys knocking down techno scammers’ doors.

A Florida Newspaper Has Their Address: Based on public federal court complaints, the owners of International Destinations reside in Florida. Maybe they saw a reporter through the peephole. (Everyone be quiet until the reporter goes away.)

None of the Above: Best guesses are time off to (a) Have a party to celebrate their successes. (b) Change the scripts. (c) Count the cash from “booking” non-existent flights to non-existent hotel rooms. (d) Hack my blog. My daily reports show they are trying to take me down again.

I’d better hurry this post out!



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