New Award: Top Techno Scam in 2011

For Creativity in Techno Scamming

When no other economic stimulus idea works, get the words entrepreneurial and spirit into the mix: President Obama and top GOP candidates agree our entrepreneurial spirit can lift us out of our economic doldrums. It may be an admission they have run out of ideas of their own—complete with the irony that these encouraging words come to us on radios, TVs, computers and iPhones  built overseas. We need homegrown entrepreneurialism that keeps everything stateside, built in America for sale by Americans to other Americans, unregulated by Americans.

A promising industry is modern techno scamming. Techno scamming sells comforting illusions to people who can’t afford their dreams: A cheap vacation at an expensive resort. A huge grant of money for a business start-up. A better deal for a magazine subscription. A walk on the Moon. Techno scammers are in the illusion business, leaving the substance part to their customers. (Before you ask, I don’t know if they previously rated bonds or sold tainted mortgages.)

The new mantra: “It’s the techno scammers, stupid!” Techno scammers employ thousands of telemarketing professionals, use sophisticated data mining techniques, hire credit card processors to handle transactions, utilize the Internet and rent phone numbers from telecoms. The techno scam industry creates jobs everywhere in the American economy. They offer dreams that do not require public funding.

To help the techno scam industry get more attention, a new award joins my 2011 Corporate Awards: The Top Techno Scam for 2011.The award will be based on that techno scam with the most creative mix of technology and technique. Listen carefully the next time a techno scammer calls with a worthy illusion.

There’s no scam like a good scam.


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