Hotel$ Go Green

The hospitality industry approach to improving the environment has nothing in it for consumers—but plenty in it for the hotel business.

WashknobUpon arrival in a hotel room, a white card reminds me my decision about daily changing of bed linens and towels has ecological implications. Only if I leave the white card on a pillow will the hotel replace towels and linen in the morning. I must choose between wasting water and unleashing harsh detergents upon the earth or showing care for the environmental. Also, choosing fresh linen may result in short sheeting.

So I did my part to save the planet last year. I suggested a  more creative approach to the Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott: Give guests a “clean incentive discount.” At check-in offer 10% off the daily room rate for every day guests use their towels from the previous day. Share the cost savings in labor, water and soap.

Two hotel chains promised to “consider the idea.” The other never responded. In these tough times, dollars saved from guest compliance are too good to share with guests who comply.


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