My Blog Is Back…

And International-Destinations Is Still Doing Its Thing

You have to admire International-Destinations for unwavering determination to take down my blog. They hacked and hacked until the blog went down. They were creative: They made the blog appear to send enough sexually offensive messages until the Internet server “suspended” it. After all, a blog like mine is bad for a business like theirs: techno-scamming

Most people hang up on scamster robo-calls and tear up robo-flash faxes. You may not be aware of it, but just answering your phone can lead to more calls. (Alas, not answering within three rings can also lead to more calls days later.) Answering and then falling for the “Press 9 to be removed from this list” may get your name off one list and onto to another. 

International-Destinations did not like its “vacation package” satirized in one of my August blog posts. It stirred them to make 104 “visits” to my website to hack it down. Where is I-D’s sense of humor? It ought to be smiling. International-Destinations is in a growth industry: techno scamming. And it escapes FTC Do Not Call violation penalties by starting the scam with a robo-fax. (Do Not Call penalties do not apply to registered DNC numbers). International-Destinations illegal use of  Continental Airlines’
 logo on the robo faxes has not yet gotten I-D into court. However, I-D employees who fly Continental  might be subjected to a rough body searches at Security if Continental Airlines uses one of my suggestions. I alerted The Four Seasons Hotels about I-D’s phony claim that I-D represents Four Seasons.  I-D folks might get short-sheeted (another of my recommendations) if they visit Four Seasons.

Another blog hacking by International-Destinations might light up my previous complaint to the FBI Internet Crime Center…Stay tuned.


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