Is Comcast Outsourcing Everything?


Comcast may have reached the logical conclusion of outsourcing: Outsource everything not yet outsourced. Comcast’s toll-free number is often answered in the Philippines as, “Hello, this is Comcast’s National Call Center.” The operators say they do not have the address or phone number for Comcast corporate headquarters in America. HQ was last seen in Philadelphia, but given the urge to outsource, it may have gone overseas.

Comcast DSL is the big abuser: full of promise but short on performance. It frequently “loses” the signal. Comcast techies differ about the cause: One said internal wiring, another external, a third “that’s right, they did say that.” All agreed that engineering would get back to me. Either no one told Engineering or it, too, is being outsourced.If it is outsourced, it will take more time for an engineer to get to NJ from the Caribbean or the Philippines.

But it’s OK: Comcast Service still has a presence in Delaware to where hard-to-deter complainers like me are escalated: Last week it issued me a DSL $85 credit and cancelled a $27 charge for the service call that said it was an inside wiring problem but was contradicted by the service call that said it was external. More credits are ahead because engineering is still behind.

Even Comcast Bob, the Comcast corporate presence on Twitter, may be already gobbled up in an outsource move. Once he was here to deter ungrateful subscribers like me who speak up on Twitter. Lately he is not. Has Bob been bounced to an outsource location?



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