Here comes AT&T’s latest campaign, “Rethink Possible.” Is AT&T retrenching or advancing? Is it asking consumers to expand or reduce expectations about connectivity? Rethink can go in either direction. Perhaps AT&T is readying me for denial of comp if it again blows connectivity, like “We told you to rethink the possible. We can’t keep wireless service steady. So stop complaining.” (Last year AT&T gave me a few hundred dollars in credits for repeated disconnects and inept customer service.)

The new ad keeps AT&T ahead of competition in verb utilization. Last year there was the verb covers in the billboard ads “AT&T Covers 97% of Americans.” Covers danced around AT&T’s inconsistent connectivity in wireless coverage for iPhones. Coverage without phone connectivity when needed is like insurance without coverage for what was promised. AT&T wisely did not claim AT&T connects 97% of America, it just said it covers us, i.e., coverage is always “up there” but not always “down here.”

To clear up rethink, maybe Tom DeVito, the AT&T Vice President for the New York/New Jersey market (the biggest market in North America), can explain Rethink Possible as it relates to the letter he sent me to “update on our promise to provide [the] best-in-class wireless service.” In it he mentions “new cell towers” and commits to “providing local jobs.” Sounds good. But hazy on the details. I herewith offer Tom space on this blog to clarify implementation any way he likes, maybe even by answering two questions:

Has AT&T improved this year on last year’s 97% coverage in the NYC Metro area?

Does rethink include a reversal of AT&T’s outsourcing of American jobs?

I used 280 words above. Tom can have 300. Let’s see if he can enlarge upon rethink or covers



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